Marble Cleaning: Orange County Home Maintenance Guide For The DIY Fan

In most homes, surfaces take a beating over their lifetime. The most common places to find stone surfaces usually see quite a bit of weathering. This could be from spills, water, wind, people passing by, or by dirt that just seems to get everywhere. All stone is porous to some extent, and will be ground down in time. Your property could be losing value if you don’t take care of your stone surfaces. Scratches, pits, cracks, and stains can ruin the smooth, shiny finish of your stone.

You can help to prevent this!
Simple cleaning, though it seems like common sense, can help to reverse damage to your home.

First, you want to make sure that things aren’t constantly grating and rubbing against your floors, walls, countertops, or other surfaces.

  • Furniture can be affixed with felt pads or other materials to help them glide over stone smoothly. That will help to keep them from wearing down and grinding off microscopically-fine slivers of rock. Granite is one of the hardest stones on the planet, but even it will wear down given time and pressure. Marble and other limestone variants (travertine, among others) are softer and will take more damage. After a long enough amount of time, stone restoration will be required, though you can stave it off.

Some stone is more porous than others. Liquids, spills, and water will soak into a stone and erode it from inside. Acids will do even more damage.

  • Do not clean your surfaces with ‘regular’ cleaners! Typical household cleaners such as Comet should not be used to clean your stone surfaces, as it may soak into the stone and etch it. Vinegar and other typical cleaners are dangerous to use as well. Try to use Ph-neutral cleaners if at all possible, or water down any acidic cleaners to a very low concentration. Clean stone floors and surfaces with soft cleaning equipment like mops or sponges instead of brooms and brushes. Try to keep water use minimal.
  • Get your stone restored and maintained by Orange County marble restoration  professionals when it has worn past your ability to maintain it. It is possible to protect your stone from spills and other damage yourself, though a proper professional tile and grout cleaning services company can improve the results. Household sealants and protective coatings won’t be good for natural stone. Your property should only be guarded by products designed only for stone surfaces.
Orange County Marble Cleaning

Orange County Marble Cleaning

Damage to natural stone surfaces is inevitable. You can slow the process on your own property with some DIY maintenance. However, this can usually only slow the process of erosion and wear.

Careful, professional restoration by a skilled Orange County marble polishing expert after your own preventative steps can help your stone surfaces looking beautiful far longer than they would if left alone.

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