Professional Orange County Marble Polishing Secrets: Keeping The Shine in Your Home

Your surfaces will eventually need polishing and restoration. They use similar methods, but grinding as a part of restorative work is harder on the stone and will not leave a fine surface. Polishing is necessary to get stone to a lustrous, luxurious finish. There are several different kinds and methods of marble polishing for Orange County property, though the general principles will remain the same.


  • Scratches can make your property look dull. All stone is porous. Light will enter in through the stone and bounce out, though if the stone is rough and uneven, the light will follow. With an uneven surface, you only see part of the reflected stone. It may look matte or rough. Polishing evens out the stone’s surface, allowing it to reflect a greater quantity of light. Smooth marble, granite, or other natural stones can be polished up to a nearly-mirror finish by professional tile and grout cleaning services.
  • Flaws need to be ground away. Stone floor polishing takes a lot of careful, steady work in order to keep the surface as smooth as possible. The work has to start with a heavy-grit grinder. This will grind down the surface near the bottom of any imperfections such as scratches. It takes experience and professional training to not take off too much stone! Stone cannot be added, only removed, so stone restoration is a very delicate process. Finer and finer grits need to be used, over and over, to grind down just enough stone to get past the bottom of the deepest scratches, pits, and etching in the stone. Eventually, diamond grits with a rating in the thousands can be used to bring out that mirror finish.
  • The messy details: Of course, this process makes a lot of heat and dust. We grind and polish with water, which helps to cut down on both of these issues. Years of experience, trial-and-error practice, and proper methods are needed to make sure the stone is as polished as it can be while wet. Water darkens the stone, making it more difficult to tell the true condition of it. The water involved could also damage the areas near the stone unless proper steps are taken. Tile and grout cleaning (in Orange County in particular with the ever-present dust, dirt, and sand) can be a very dirty process, with waste getting everywhere!


  • That beautiful shine! Granite, stone, and marble refinishing doesn’t end with just the polishing. Your surfaces need to be cleaned and protected afterward. they need to be inspected by an experienced eye to make sure that the machinery hasn’t harmed the stone any more than it had to be. A fine finish can help protect your stone for years to come when added with EK Marble’s own marble sealer.

We here at EK Marble work hard to make sure that stone ends up just as you want it. Give us a call at (949) 735-3742 for any estimates or questions you may have about professional floor cleaning, stone polishing, restoration, or maintenance.

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