EK Marble Provides High Quality Limestone Refinishing, Limestone Polishing and Limestone Cleaning. Limestone is widely used in architectural applications for walls, decorative trim and veneer. Limestone coloration is generally a consistent pure white to off-white.  Many varieties do not take a polish well, so that the surface is typically a matte finish, no-gloss surface.  Limestone like marble and other calcareous stones, are referred to as acid sensitive and care and maintenance is a important factor to keeping it in good condition.

Limestone subjected to exterior exposures deteriorates due to weathering or the natural effects of wind, rain, and thermal change. Limestone is extremely durable. It does, however, absorb water and, since it is a carbonate rock, it is highly reactive when exposed to acids or even mildly acidic rain water, and it can suffer substantial deterioration. The most common effect of weathering and erosion is loss of precise detail. So let the limestone cleaning experts of Orange County handle you stone cleaning needs.

Limestone is an attractive stone that comes in much different hardness. Some limestone is soft and very permeable while others can be hard. The key to limestone is choosing the correct type of stone for the setting in which it will be used. Many variations of limestone come in a matte or honed finish. These particular stones need to be accurately sealed and from time to time will need professional service. Limestone will scuff and etch, but these problems can be fixed by EK Marble.

EK Marble is equipped to service your limestone installations. We can renovate, clean, seal, repair or polish your limestone, whether it is on your floors, walls, countertops or anywhere else. We also offer the suggested care products to keep your limestone looking its finest.

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